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Completed 2018

The clients had owned the site for many years, but their house was slowly falling apart around them.  Their brief was to build a contemporary house, which would maximise the opportunity for natural light and potential views across the open park opposite.


GDA's architectural solution was to build a simple contemporary barn, with glazed facades to both front and rear elevations.  The architectural decision to live on the first floor allowed the flood of natural light from the rear garden.  The removal of all internal walls from the first-floor kitchen/ living/ dining space, provides complete transparency, for continuous views over both the park opposite and their own private garden to the rear of the house.


The solid front door hides the glazed entry vestibule, but when opened, you are immediately connected visually to the rear garden.  As you step inside, the floating staircase brings light down into the centre of the ground floor of the house and draws you upstairs to the living space. 


The modest first-floor deck, at the rear of the house, extends the kitchen into the canopy of the garden trees and ground floor bedrooms open directly into the rear garden. 


It’s amazing how the sunlight’s intensity and colour changes throughout the house over the course of a day.


Guy Davies Architects.

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