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Guy Davies ARCHITECTS is a newly established Architecture practice located in Bath England.  A practice that combines international award-winning contemporary architectural experience, with an appreciation of Bath's Heritage Architecture; providing bespoke Architecture and Interior Design services.


Guy Davies has spent many years working in award-winning Architectural Practices in London, Melbourne & Auckland before establishing his own practice in Bath, England.




Guy Davies has spent over 20 years designing and delivering cutting-edge architectural projects for internationally renowned and award-winning practices including Sumich Chaplin Architects in Auckland, New Zealand, Keith Williams Architects in London, David Hicks Interior Design, and Robert Mills Architects in Melbourne.  Guy has been an integral part of the architectural team or the architectural team leader on several international award-winning projects and several internationally published projects. 

After graduating with honors from the School of Architecture, Auckland University, New Zealand, Guy started his architectural career working closely with Matt Chaplin, director of Sumich Chaplin Architects, on several residential projects in Auckland and around New Zealand. 

In 2003 Guy relocated to London, where he spent over 5 years working with Keith Williams Architects as an Associate and Project Architect on several multi-award-winning public buildings projects throughout England and Ireland: including theatres, libraries, and galleries. 

In 2009 Guy returned closer to home, relocating to Melbourne, where he spent over 5 years working with David Hick’s Interior Design office, as an associate and responsible for setting up the Architectural division of the acclaimed Interior Design practice with a presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Los Angeles: an office well known for meticulous detailing and quality interior design.


Guy also worked as a Lead Architect at Robert Mill’s Architects, a notable Architectural practice in Melbourne specializing in high-end residential projects with a contemporary aesthetic and design quality.

In 2015 Guy returned to his native New Zealand to establish and co-direct the  Architecture and interior design practice, Pavilion Architecture.  Guy was able to distill his international experiences into establishing the very successful practice, intertwining his international architectural and interior design skills with a more vernacular architectural style of Auckland’s seaside living. 

For family reasons, Guy returned to England in early 2020.


Guy is now in the process of founding and establishing his own Architectural & Interior Design Practice: Guy Davies Architects in Bath, England. 

Guy believes that successful projects are defined by the synergistic coupling of innovative architecture with sympathetic interior design to create an environment unique to each client, a personal space to be enjoyed by everyone who inhabits these spaces, regardless of the project’s typology, scale, or budget.

Guy Davies Architects.

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