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Interior Design

Interior Design is an integral part of Architectural Design, an integral part of the happiness of a house's inhabitants.  The Interior Design of a house forms the backbone of how a family uses a house and how a family inhabits a house.  

Interior Design is an integral part of Guy Davies Architects services.  

kitchen design

GDA's interior design solution: for every contemporary house design, is to celebrate the modern family open plan kitchen/dining/living room.  The heart of every house is the kitchen, at the centre of every kitchen is the island bench; the focal point of modern family social life.  The venue for spending invaluable time with family or friends, for preparing or sharing a meal together.   



GDA's interior design solution: for a successful bathroom design, is the integration of tranquility, light, and functionality into every bathroom - no matter what size.   There is no better way to start your day than to start it within a beautifully designed bathroom.   


GDA's interior design solutions embody the coordination of all interior design finishes, fittings, and fixtures.    


Guy Davies Architects.

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