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The clients had lived in the house for many years and their brief was to remove the level change between the existing kitchen and living space and to remove the double garage from the rear garden to provide a more family-friendly garden space.   


GDA's architectural solution was to remove the existing extension to the rear of the house and to replace this with a modern pavilion, resulting in a large open plan family living space with direct, level connections into the garden and a new swimming pool.  

The project grew to include a master bedroom suite in the existing attic, but this extension had to be subtle and submissive to the existing heritage frontage of the house.  

The new pavilion assimilates with the existing heritage house, through the replication of painted timber weatherboard cladding and timber windows and door joinery, but the form, layout, ceiling heights and interior design are unashamedly contemporary.

The collection of two smaller pavilions set in the garden provides an alfresco living space with an open fire and yoga studio. 

Guy Davies Architects. 

Completed 2019

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