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The clients had owned the site for many years but had rented the house to others as they simply didn't know how to proceed with any renovations of the existing house.  The house itself extended almost the full width of the site due to the site being so very narrow.  

GDA's architectural solution was to strip off all the previous extensions from the existing timber weatherboard workingman's cottage and to build a new complimentary two-story cottage immediately adjacent to the original cottage.  

A large contemporary front door sits between the two cottages and a modern hallway connects the two cottages, with a view of the front garden at the original cottage end and a view of the new swimming pool down the new cottage end.  

The original cottage comprises two children's bedrooms, a bathroom, and a children's living space.  

The new cottage comprises a master bedroom suite and guest bedroom upstairs and a contemporary open plan kitchen/living/dining room on the ground floor.  

Full-width glazed doors connect the new living space to the rear garden and additional glazed doors, opening towards the lap pool, allow sunlight to shimmer off the water during the day and so you can hear the happy sound of children cooling off in the pool.  

Guy Davies Architects. 

Completed 2018

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