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The client's brief was to build a new family home, on a recently purchased clifftop site with amazing sea & city views, and a potential connection down to the sea itself.  The house needed to provide the family with privacy from the street but also capture the sea & city views from the rear of the site.   


GDA's architectural solution was to create two simple barns, with a fully glazed connection forming the front entrance to the house.  The windows to the street are modest but the fully glazed, double-height entry allows a glimpse of the sea beyond.  The house opens up completely as you travel through from the front entry into the private living spaces to the rear of the house.  

The house folds around a modest lawn with a cantilevered pool & deck extending over the cliff, providing amazing city views.  As the deck extends under a large native Pohutukawa tree, it feels like you are flying over the sea itself and is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the city.  

Guy Davies Architects.

Completed 2020

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